Swiss Doctoral Program in Mathematics

Séminaire Kervaire 2021: Baum-Connes Conjecture

24 - 29 Octobre 2021
Les Diablerets, Switzerland

Some nice snow-covered mountain

The Baum-Connes conjecture bridges Operator Algebras, Index Theory, Geometric Group Theory and Metric Geometry. It is therefore a unifying theme in Mathematics. The mini-courses will serve as an introduction to the subject, while the talks by younger experts will explain the search towards positive results and also towards counterexamples.

Minicourses (3h each)

Lectures (2h each)

The arrival day is Sunday, May 23. Dinner will be served for everybody in the Hôtel Les Sources at about 7 pm.
The scientific program begins on Monday, March 24, at 9 am.
The conference ends at lunchtime on Friday, May 28.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:45-9:45 am Valette 1 Julg 2 Valette 3 Azzali 1 Oyono-Oyono 2
9:45-10:45 am Julg 1 Flores de la Salle 2 Gomez-Aparicio 2 Sawicki 2
10:45-11:15 am Coffee Break
11:15-12:15 am de la Salle 1 Julg 3 Gomez-Aparicio 1 Nishikawa 1 Nishikawa 2
12:30 am Lunch and free time
4:30 pm Tea and Coffee
5:00-6:00 pm Valette 2 Chatterji 2 Oyono-Oyono 1 Sawicki 1
6:00-7:00 pm Chatterji 1 Mohsen 1 Mohsen 2 Azzali 2
7:15 pm Dinner

Clément Dell'Aiera, ENS Lyon
Sofia Amontova, Genève
Goulnara Arzhantseva, Vienna
Sara Azzali, Greifswald
Pierre Bagnoud, Genève
Corentin Bodart, Genève
Viginie Bonnier, Genève
Indira Chatterji, Nice
Ramón Flores, Sevilla
Maria-Paula Gomez-Aparicio, Paris-Saclay
Pierre de la Harpe, Genève
Laurent Hayez, Neuchâtel
Merlin Incerti-Medici, IHES
Hector Jardon Sanchez, Lancaster
Pierre Julg, Orléans
Julian Kranz, Münster
Tim de Laat, Münster
Paul-Henry Leemann, Neuchâtel
Paul Meunier, ENS Lyon
Omar Mohsen, Paris-Saclay
Tatiana Nagnibeda, Genève
Shintaro Nishikawa, Münster
Hervé Oyono-Oyono, Institut Élie Cartan de Lorraine
Sanaz Pooya, Stockholm
Mikael de la Salle, ENS Lyon
Damian Sawicki, KU Leuven
Alain Valette, Neuchâtel
Alexandre Zumbrunnen, Neuchâtel

A map of the hotel surroundings, including the railway station in Les Diablerets.

Transfer at Aigle: From Aigle railway station, connecting train to Les Diablerets (ASD)

For timetables of your public transport connections, please visit:

  • Geneva railway station: 2hrs 8min
  • Lausanne railway station: 1hr 29min
  • Zurich railway station: 3hr 50min
  • Sion airport: 2hr 6min
  • Lyon railway station: 4hr 41min
  • Paris – Gare de Lyon: 5hrs 23min from Paris via Lausanne (TGV Lyria)

  • Geneva airport 120km
  • Zurich airport 250km
  • Lyon airport 240km
  • Sion airport 60km

Take A9 motorway, exit at Aigle or Bex/St Triphon and follow signs for Les Diablerets

  • 1hr 15min from Geneva
  • 5hrs 30min from Munich
  • 6hrs from Nice
  • 6hrs 15min from Paris
Driving in Switzerland
Motorway vignette (toll sticker) is mandatory, CHF 40.00 (approx. €35), available at customs offices, post offices and gas stations.
The following speed limits apply:
In urban areas: between 30 and 50 km/h, Outside urban areas: 80 km/h, Motorway: 120 km/h

Maria-Paula Gomez-Aparicio (Paris-Saclay)
Pierre Julg (Orléans)
Alain Valette (Neuchâtel)
Paul-Henry Leemann (Neuchâtel)